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 Jeremy Johnson as The Instigator

Where ever you find a bully 9 times out of ten you will find someone in the crowd who can always be counted on to enourage the blly to fight.  In I SEE YOU, Jeremy does his best to push Billy Banks into fighting Jerry Green, but it seems that  Billy has had enough of fighting.  Nothing good ever comes from fighting except each fight brings with it an opportunity to lose a potential friend. 

Political Stupidity
RC Merc Car

 Jeremy Johnson dressed here in black portrays an instigator who pushes Billy Banks, encouraging Billy to fight while he himself never gets into fights. Instigation is a spectator activity.  It's like a witches brew - stirring up trouble just for the sport of it.  Let's see what I can cause to take place next, because I'm bored maybe or I just want to see these little kids fight.  Wouldn't that be entertaining! 


Jeremy Johnson, like Sante is a Long Island native.  He's always been a big fellow for his age group and is only one and a half years older than Sante, who is a bit small for his age.  Neither Jeremy no Sante were slated to be in this film however.  The role was initially for one young man but somehow we never connected and these two were surprise last minute replacements.  It was left to our co-producers to do some last minute casting, rewrites took place on the spot - reworking the one role to fit two quick studies.  These two young men had less than an hour to learn their parts.  The funny thing is - if you ever see the "making of" footage, that they were blaming themselves for not being as familiar with their lines as Felecia and Kimani who had 4 years prior experience in the same roles.  I must say that this concept of them being at fault after rewriting lines on the spot that they had never seen gave the director some delicious leverage to pull onscreen reaction from these two!  Just think what they could have done with an overnight rehearsal!    

More on Jeremy later!