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Felicia Limada is Shauna Green in I SEE YOU

She originated the role for the Ensemble Theater Going To The River Festival in 2004.  Initially Felecia's mom thought that perhaps Felecia had grown too tall to reprise the role on film and the search for a younger actress was underway.  However since she had proven herself at the age of 10 to be a dynamic actress, it was determined that she would be involved in some capacity.  Upon reuniting with the Director, Felecia was determined to be just perfect to reprise the role.  

Ms. Limada has been performing in her church as a ballerina, singer, actress over the years.  She is currently a senior in one of New York City's performing arts high schools and is developing her talents under the supervision of extremely talented teachers and advisors.  I SEE YOU was shot during the summer when all of the students involved were on vacation from school.  Keep an eye on Miss Limada, she is a brilliant, articulate, charming, respectful teenager poised for the silver screen.

An excellent public speaker, Ms. Limada and is available, as her schedule permits to address audiences of her peers with regard to bullying, peer pressure, peace keeping, self respect, self esteem and personal responsibility.

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